Ask the Expert: Removing Scratches From Porcelain Sinks

Porcelain is a very common type of ceramic found in bathrooms. Porcelain sinks are very common, and scratches and stains can prove to be very frustrating to remove.


“I have a beautiful porcelain pedestal sink, but recently my husband had to use a drain snake to clean out the drain and the metal snake left scratches on the porcelain. I’m afraid to use the wrong product to try and clean the marks off for fear of scratching the finish. Any suggestions?” -Candy D.

scratched porcelain sinks

Scratched or stained porcelain can be a real eye sore.




pumice repair“Candy,

The best solution I’ve found is using a pumice stone. Pumice is a natural type of textured volcanic glass. It is a common abrasive and exfoliant that can be used for removing marks from porcelain sinks, tubs and toilets.

You can buy them in the personal care sections or bed and bath sections at most stores (including WalMart). Here is a good video that shows you the whole process:


Removing marks from porcelain sinks with pumice:

Step 1:
Acquire very fine pumice stone. The smaller the pores, the better.

Step 2:
Wet the pumice stone. Be sure you use the wet end of the pumice stone when buffing out marks or stains. Because pumice is a type of volcanic glass, it will both sand any substance on your porcelain sink and fill it in with very fine pumice grounds. Wetting the pumice stone helps the pumice work as a filler.

repairing scratched porcelain sinksStep 3:
Be safe and test the pumice stone in an inconspicuous area first. Test on the side or edge of your sink to make sure it won’t ruin the finish.

Step 4:
Use the wet end of the pumice stone and buff out the marks and stains. Apply some pressure.

Step 5:
Wipe away with a wet paper towel or wash cloth

Step 6:
Repeat as necessary.

This trick works on all porcelain sinks, tubs, toilets, and even dinnerware.


Good luck.

Tim Koehler,

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