Bathroom Remodeling FAQs

How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

The cost of a bathroom remodel depends on many variables:

  • How much of the bathroom will be remodeled?
  • Is there any water damage?
  • Is the bathroom on the first or second floor?
  • Does any of the plumbing or electrical need to be moved?
  • Is the plumbing in good condition?
  • What products do you want?
  • Do you want a budget remodel or a dream bathroom?

As you can see, many factors influence the cost of a bathroom remodel. We believe the best way to make an informed decision is to have one of our Bathroom Consultants visit your home, discuss potential design ideas, and price exactly what you want so you’ll know the cost to the penny. Call us today for a FREE In-Home Design Consultation and Estimate. No high pressure sales pitch, just honest expert advice and a guaranteed price.

How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

It depends on how much work is required. A basic bathtub, valve, and wall surround, or a tub to shower conversion can be completed in as little as a day. A basic complete bathroom remodel can be completed in about 5 days. More complicated bathrooms take a little longer. Unknowns such as water damage or insect infestation add more time.

Is a permit required to remodel my bathroom?

North Carolina law requires a plumbing permit for any remodel that moves the plumbing from its current location. If the valve and drain location remain the same, a permit is not required. If the plumbing is moved on any size job, a plumbing permit is required. Re-Bath has a licensed plumber on staff.

On jobs that do not require plumbing permits, we still pressure test the supply lines and valve after installation.

How can I make sure I get everything I want when I remodel my bathroom?

Begin by downloading our Bathroom Remodeling Checklist so you’ll have a comprehensive checklist to work with. A contract for a bathroom should be very detailed and have every product or labor item listed. Beware of a contract that lists generalities instead of specifics. Download the ReBath Remodeling Agreement here.

Can I make payments on my bath remodel?

Yes. We offer many options including low monthly payments, no payments for a specific time period, no interest, and no money down. Our goal is to find a payment option that will make your new bathroom affordable. Our Bathroom Consultants can design a payment option that will work for you.

What is Re-Bath’s warranty?

ReBath warranties Dura Bath SSP products and installation workmanship for life. Other products supplied by Re-Bath carry the manufacturer’s warranty. The lifetime warranty can be transferred one time if you sell your house.

Who will be working in my home?

Your installation crew will be bonded ReBath employees. Our employees have all been drug tested, background checked, and trained extensively. We do not subcontract bathroom installations. We have a NC licensed plumber on staff. Some specialty trades such as electrical are subcontracted. The trades that we subcontract have necessary licenses and have a long term relationship with us.

What insurance does the company have?

We are insured through High Point Bank Insurance Services. They provide General Liability Insurance, Workman’s Compensation, Auto Insurance, and Bonding. You can request a Certificate of Insurance, which shows the types of insurance we carry and the limits, from your Bathroom Consultant or our office.

After I sign the agreement, how soon will my project be started?

It depends on your type of bathroom remodel. We can start a basic bathtub replacement or a tub to shower conversion in just a few weeks from the time you place your order. Most jobs take 6 to 8 weeks from the time you place your order to the time we start your job. Lead times do vary, so check with us to get our current lead time.

The following processes must take place before we can start your job: write the material order, review the contract and order, submit the order, the manufacturer processes the order, the order is shipped, we receive the order, the order is inspected and shelved, the Production Manager is notified once all materials have arrived defect free, the PM checks the schedule and calls to arrange for an installation date.

What can I expect after my bathroom consultation?

Re-Bath follows careful steps to ensure your entire remodeling process goes smoothly.
Read more about each step we take to ensure the utmost efficiency from start to finish:

What happens after your bathroom consultation

What happens if water damage is discovered after demolition?

Water damage to the subfloor under the bathtub or shower will be replaced at no additional cost. Extensive water damage to structural framing or insect infestation will incur additional costs that depends on the extent of the damage.

Can I change my selections after I place my order?

You can make changes to your order at no charge if your request is within 5 days of the date you sign the agreement. Changes requested more than 5 days after the agreement may require a restocking fee.

Once the job begins, what is the work schedule?

Our Installation Technicians work Monday through Friday and occasionally on Saturdays. Once your job is started, your Technician will stay on your job until it is completed. Our goal is to get your job completed as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

Will the water in my house be turned off?

Your water will be turned off long enough to do necessary plumbing work—usually just a few hours.

Will ReBath install products I provide?

In some cases, ReBath will install materials provided by a home owner. However, ReBath will not offer any warranty other than to insure proper installation. If ReBath agrees to install owner supplied materials, the homeowner assumes responsibility of checking the materials for correctness, defects and any costs associated with material replacement or warranty claims.

Will I have to move out of my house during the installation process?

Very rarely do homeowners have to leave their homes.

What is accessible or universal design?

Accessible or Universal Design refers to design that allows all ages and those with physical challenges the ability to use or access products easily.

Can I call some people you’ve worked for?

Yes. We have an exhaustive list of customers you can contact. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Guild Quality, and Customer Lobby for additional third party customer reviews.

How much experience does the company have?

Tim Koehler, President, has been in residential remodeling since 1979, and specialized in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in 1982. Tim started ReBath of the Triad in 1996. His son, Scott Koehler joined the business in 1996 and his other son, Jay Koehler joined the company in 2000. ReBath Production Managers and Installation Technicians individually have a minimum of ten years of remodeling experience. ReBath of the Triad/Triangle/Wilmington has installed over 10,000 bathrooms.

What happens if there is a problem on the job?

If a problem occurs on your job, your Installation Technician will call the Production Manager immediately. The Production Manager will resolve the problem as quickly as possible. In the event the Production Manager is unable to come up with a resolution, he will immediately contact one of the Koehlers who will work with the customer to find a satisfactory solution.

Will ReBath haul the trash away?

ReBath will haul all trash from the bathroom remodel and dispose of properly.

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