What is DuraBath Acrylics?

DuraBath Acrylics is a proprietary product developed by Re-Bath and Spartech, the largest and most technologically advanced manufacturer of Acrylics and solid surface polymers in the world. It is an exclusive composite material available only for use in Re-Bath LLC products. It is a similar type product to Corian.

What is DuraBath Acrylics made of?

DuraBath Acrylics is a homogenous blend of polymer resins that make it a solid surface polymer and, as such, is a closely guarded formula, much like the Coca Cola formula.

Unlike DuraBath, the resin of an acrylic or fiberglass shower or tub unit only lasts 15-20 years before it starts to deteriorate. Because of its exclusive makeup and superior qualities, ReBath LLC is able to offer a lifetime warranty on the product as well as a lifetime warranty on the installation of the product, fully transferable to the new owners if you sell your house within 12 months of the installation date.

What Is The Difference Between Acrylic VS DuraBath?

DuraBath Acrylics is U.L. tested and extremely strong. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories. They have developed more than 800 standards for public standards and safety.

DuraBath is far superior to the old Acrylic products still used by other companies. It has an unrivaled impact resistance, heat deflection, durability and gloss (non-porous compared to acrylics and fiberglass). Because of the high density, DuraBath is very easy to keep clean, just a spray and wipe with common household cleaners such as 409, Windex, etc.

When you combine the unique and exclusive properties of DuraBath with its lifetime warranty, you are assured of a product that will last a lifetime.

What Kind of Sealant Does Re-Bath Use On DuraBath Acrylics Products?

TES (Thermal Expansion Sealant) is an industrial grade adhesive and sealant made exclusively for Re-Bath and installation of DuraBath and Re-Bath wall systems. TES has great expansion/contraction qualities as stays pliable similar to a rubber product. It will not dry or crack and has superior water sealing properties.

TES ensures that water will not find its way where it doesn’t belong, behind walls and under liners as it so often does with inferior products.

Which Re-Bath products are available in DuraBath Acrylics?

Re-Bath is proud to carry Wall Surrounds, Shower Bases, and Bathtubs in a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns. Schedule a design consultation with one of our bathroom design experts today to see hundreds of samples and a custom bathroom design just right for your home.